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                      SKID STEER

Skid steer loaders are  machines that traditionally present unique dangers to the driver compared with other front loaders; the nature of operational technique of this unconventional plant machine demands specialist training.

Training teaches the irregular skidding / dragging manoeuvrability of this versatile bucket loader. Improve the effectiveness of your staff with professional skid steer loader training that will minimise risk of injury and improve safety to operators and other employees.

  • Health & safety at work act 1974

  • Lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations 1998

  • Provision & use of work equipment regulations 1998.

  • Approved code of practice

  • Operator safety and observation

  • Pre-Shift checks & test

  • Defect reporting procedures

  • Stability – engineering principles and weight assessment

  • Driving within simulated working conditions

  • Manoeuvring skills

  • Rated capacity & load centres

  • Hydraulic system and use of the controls

  • Stacking & de-stacking – load handling skills

  • Vehicle loading and offloading

  • Refuelling and recharging procedures including battery handling and housing

  • Theoretical examination

  • Practical examination

CPCS Technical Tests

  • Theory: 1 hour

  • Practical: 1 hour 15 Min


  • All sizes


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