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The aim of the Industrial Forklift Truck Course is to provide candidates with the knowledge and practical skills required to safely operate the machine and successfully sit both the Theory and Practical elements of the CPCS Technical Test. NPORS testing is also available on this category.
Candidates will be trained and/or tested by fully qualified, experienced instructors.

The main areas covered during training are:

  • Describe the nature of the sector of industry and their role and responsibilities as a plant operator

  • Name and explain the purpose of principal components, the basic construction, controls and terminology

  • Conform with manufacturer’s requirements as per the operator’s handbook, other types of information source and relevant regulations and legislation

  • Undertake all pre-use checks

  • Carry out pre-use and running check

  • Travel with given load through a chicane executing right and left turns in a forward and reverse direction in an unladen state

  • Reverse with given load in a straight line for at least 10 metres and pass through a restriction

  • Prepare and set Forklift

  • Lift and place a given load at high level then retrieve and place at given point

  • Lift and place given load onto the truck bed. On completion remove all loads

  • Stack loads on top of one another. On completion, de-stack all of the loads and place alongside each other

  • All loads to be placed at ground level following completion

  • Carry out shut down and securing procedures

  • Explain the loading and unloading procedures for machine transporting

CPCS Technical Tests

  • Theory: 1 hour

  • Practical: 1 hour 20 mins


  • Nill


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