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The Plant Loader Securer Training Provides candidates with the training and knowledge to enable them to carry out Plant Loader Securer duties safely and in line with recommendations from the Safety Of Loads On Vehicles from the Department Of Transport.

The plant loader securer training is aimed at delivery drivers who operate plant equipment to load on to the delivery vehicle and for those securing the plant using various securing equipment.

Course Objectives

  • All relevant health and safety and current legislation and British Standards

  • Prepare an area for the purposes of loading and unloading construction plant.

  • Prepare a transporter for receiving different items of construction plant, which must include tracked, wheeled and roller types.

  • Agree and give appropriate signals to the plant operator.

  • Check equipment prior to operations

  • Load or guide items of plant onto a transporters.

  • Position items of plant on transporter to ensure no overloading of transporter axles.

  • Ensure integrity and security of items of plant plus attachments using a range of restraining equipment

  • Prepare a transporter for road travel.

  • Ensure intended route of travel is compatible with load weight, width and height.

  • Explain the specific requirements of current legislation for equipment designed for transporting construction plant.

  • State the requirements to be undertaken when loading and unloading plant on the public highway.

  • Explain precautions to be taken for overhead services and other hazards


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